The router you've always wanted.
From order to show run in 30 seconds,
not 30 days.

  • Carrier Grade
  • Cloud Scale
  • Hyperscale NFV
  • Routing Platform
  • Carrier Grade Router-as-a-Service

    Our custom and purpose built routing platform was built from the ground up for reliabilty, durability and scale. With features you've come to expect from big brand names without the cost and hassle.

  • Scale with clicks, not with POs

    Scale your network as you grow. Ordnance lets you provision your router based on it's backplane and lets you change it in real time. Grow your network as you grow. Oh, and pay by the hour as you do.

  • NFV - Minus the hardware

    With a platform that allows you to turn on network functionality on the fly in some of the most carrier dence datacenters in the world, build your network like you build your cloud.

  • More Power, More Scale, More Oomph.

    With a custom made, purpose built routing platform with full BGP and IPv6 Support, we've built a platform that will not only support the internet's needs today, but support well into the future.

Routers on Demand

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  • Sydney | Australia
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  • Coming 2017
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • New York
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  • Amsterdam
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